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Wanted: Women Angels – A Continuation

This is the third of three installments featuring the insights of a panel of speakers present at the New Hampshire High Tech Council (NHHTC) TechWomen Power Breakfast called, “Wanted: Women Angels.” The panel discussed women’s involvement in angel investing. Read the first …


Wanted: Women Angels

A strong relationship between women and money is not as easily envisioned as that between men and money. That is, cultural biases exist that result in women being underrepresented in financial leadership positions, as well as in their having less …


Innovation: Managing Fear of Failure

Through my consulting work, I’ve been seeing much higher levels of recognition that the active pursuit of innovation is imperative to a company’s future. I’ve been writing a lot lately about different aspects of innovation. In this article, I’d like …


What Does It Mean to be Visionary?

Recently I had the pleasure of hearing Jeanne Dietsch, Founder of Sapiens Plurum, speak about her personal journey in the technology field. I published a blog about it here. Two of the things that are remarkable about her story are …


Playing in Tune with Teamwork

Lessons in teamwork and leadership can come from anywhere, especially if you’re open to them…. At a recent Leadership New Hampshire session, we considered the teamwork lessons to be found in the principles of a string quartet. Read more….