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Death to Stagnation!

Have you heard the phrase, “The only thing constant in life is change”? You would think with change being so constant (especially these days!), that everyone would have the process nailed. Not so. Read more …. 


Open Mind, Open Doors

One of the keys to fostering innovation in your business is to keep an open mind. Leveraging disruptive innovation requires the ability to embrace different approaches to your processes to evolve them creatively as the world continues to change everywhere …


I Have an Idea!

Ensuring that you keep your business competitive in your industry in the long term will, in part, rely on your ability to innovate, to continue to challenge yourself to improve what you do and grow your customer base. Read more …

Why Followers Are Not Sheep

Great leaders frequently get a lot of well-deserved credit, particularly those leading initiatives that have risen to success. Leaders inspire others to do more and be more, and are often the spark behind innovation.  On the other hand, where would …