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Candice Benson

Candice Benson is the Executive Vice President of Corporate Relationships and Strategy for Women in Technology International (WITI), the world’s leading professional organization for tech-savvy women.

Candice is personally driven by the desire to increase opportunities for women globally. What fuels her passion?

  • The world needs all the talent it can get. Suppressing or excluding the contributions of half the population just isn’t logical.
  • Women are eager to bring their gifts to the world; they just need a level playing field.
  • Candice wants her three daughters to live in a world in which they’re not limited in the opportunities that are available to them.

As an EVP for WITI, Candice develops relationships with organizations globally and ensures WITI’s clients are exercising the benefits of their corporate memberships. She explores opportunities to engage WITI’s considerable expertise to empower women in the workplace. Leveraging her hands-on corporate consulting background, Candice helps clients to integrate gender-diversity programs and best practices into their organizations, strengthening their businesses. In fact, the latest research studies are concluding what Candice and WITI have known for decades: there are direct correlations between an organization’s depth of employee diversity and positive business results.

Candice is also on the Board of Directors of the New Hampshire High Tech Council, which is building a strong community of female professionals in technology and supporting girls’ exploration of STEM as a career. Candice directs the programming and engages keynote speakers for the organization’s monthly TechWomen Power Breakfast, as well as directs their TechWomen|Tech Girls program. She oversees four committees that manage programs to recognize women in tech and to evangelize technology for girls in New Hampshire’s schools.

In addition, Candice speaks about gender diversity, innovation, and change management for organizations worldwide.

Candice’s mission to improve corporate diversity is about more than just the HR department’s evaluation of statistics that “show” organizations are working on it, but is rather the accomplishment of real opportunities, tools, training, and – most importantly – a culture that encourages and leverages the ideas and contributions of different types of thinkers and their different viewpoints, preparing organizations to embrace innovation and confront future challenges. After all, the world is ready for it.

Candice is available for speaking opportunities. You can reach her directly at candice@bensonconsultinginc.com or +1 646-522-8899.


Brian Benson

Brian Benson is a Principal Consultant with Benson Consulting Inc. He works primarily with Fortune 1000 organizations on process optimization and program development projects, as well as directs Benson Consulting’s Innovation Management consulting practice.

Brian brings a unique perspective to his management consulting style, having broad hands-on expertise in digital transformation initiatives, business strategy expansion, and product-development ventures. He has impacted business operations for organizations based both in the U.S. and abroad.

Highly attuned to the nuances of change management and corporate-culture evolution, Brian expertly manages enterprise-level initiatives from their inception through their implementation or prototype-delivery phases. He has particular passion for creating innovation programs for organizations motivated to meet the future head-on.

He is married to Candice Benson, CEO of Benson Consulting Inc., and the proud father of three amazing daughters. You can reach Brian directly at brian@bensonconsultinginc.com or +1 646-549-1219.