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What to Do When Innovation Stumbles

Many organizations today recognize the benefits, as well as the necessity, of successful innovation to evolve their businesses. I’ve written previously about developing innovation from several perspectives, including: change management, providing opportunities to generate innovative ideas, and not blocking idea-generation, …


Optimize Your Optimizing, Part II

A key strategy to remaining competitive in your industry is to implement operational efficiencies, also called “process optimization.” It’s important to truly customize this initiative to your own organization, rather than simply choose a standard methodology and work to integrate …


Thoughts on Creating Useful Innovation

I’ve been writing a lot lately about innovation and its importance in business. Recently at a TechWomen Power Breakfast hosted by the New Hampshire High Tech Council, I had the pleasure of seeing a presentation by Dulcie Madden, CEO and …


Optimize Your Optimizing, Part I

The science-slash-art of business process optimization provides an opportunity to engineer more productivity and time-savings from your systems while reducing waste. In truth, it requires both an objective assessment of your business — the way an outsider would see it …


If Not You, Who?

I’m participating currently in Leadership New Hampshire, an initiative that annually gathers together a group of skilled individuals and provides opportunities to connect, to learn about issues facing the state in which we live, and to grow to serve our …


So, Do You REALLY Want to Be an Astronaut?

In 2015, a company called Stack Overflow surveyed over 26,000 developers from countries around the world and published some of the survey results. I find this particular data point troubling: In total, only 5.8% of the developers participating self-identified as …