Insights from an Entrepreneur: Surf’s Up!

surfing-691675_700x400aHere’s a statement you don’t hear every day: I love participating in networking events. I know a portion of you just cringed at that idea, and another portion thought you’d rather have a root canal, but I find speaking to other people to be really energizing and a great way to learn new things.

Case in point: The New Hampshire High Tech Council recently welcomed entrepreneur Sarah Hartwick to speak at a TechWomen Power Breakfast event (I’m the chairperson of the Breakfast Series initiative). Sarah generously shared her insightful story about the launch and subsequent flourishing of her startup, SURFSET Fitness.

As a small-business owner myself, I learned a great deal hearing about Sarah’s journey from working in a humble garage to promoting an international organization. I wrote a guest blog about it on Stay Work Play — I hope you’ll check it out.

Today I was thinking about one point Sarah made: the power of really understanding your customers’ needs. I’m grateful that my role as a management consultant keeps me immersed in understanding my clients’ objectives and challenges, and invigorates my methodologies. And honestly, speaking to others during networking events really helps. How do YOU get to know your customers better? Check out the guest blog here.

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