At last, learn from someone who has mastered the behaviors required to attract all the Project Management clients you'll need to have a thriving Consulting practice!

Introducing our exclusive Mentoring Opportunity for Independent Project Management Consultants.

Benson Consulting presents:

The PM Ascend ProgramTM, designed exclusively for results driven Project Management, Program Management and PMO Consultants. This is the only mentoring program of its kind, designed to keep you laser-focused on the steps needed to build a thriving Consulting practice.

Candice Benson, founder of Benson Consulting, Inc., has built PM AscendTM to share the proven framework she has used to get incredible results in building her Project Management Consultancy over the last 20 years.

Since implementing this framework in her own business, Candice has booked more clients in record time, from companies of all sizes. Now, you will have the opportunity to learn her winning strategies, too!

In this powerful program, you will learn first-hand through training and mentoring, how to break down the sales, marketing, and business building process into easy steps:

  1. Determine which target market will yield more revenue for your business and the simple strategies to get in front of them.

  2. Learn to position yourself as a strategic partner and start being paid what you’re worth.

  3. Create your own “sales action plan” to start seeing results quicker than you would on your own!

  4. Implement Candice’s “rinse and repeat” processes that will ensure you have a consistent client and project pipeline.

  5. Use proven tools and techniques to set your client projects up for success (and most importantly get repeat business!).

If you are tired of living “project to project” and want to have a thriving Project Management Consultancy, then you have come to the right place! You are great at managing projects and if you are here you know you want more for your business.

Let Candice show you how to use your skills to serve more clients, impact more companies and build the PM Consulting business you want.

Please complete the below information and we will reach out to discuss this exclusive opportunity with you. We can’t wait to work with you!