Client Accolades

I wanted to thank you for all your efforts in the past years towards facilitating the implementation of the recommendations and best practices which have contributed to the improvements made to the Client Experience.  These are reflected in the [Large Corporate] study as compared to the reports from the prior two years.  Thanks so much for your tenacity and dedication in moving many of these forward in a resource-constrained environment and with parties in the field for which we did not have direct control. – Client Onboarding Project, Global Fortune 50 Company

You were AWESOME in helping me document and communicate the [project] effort and since then we reference that work often.  I can tell you that your expertise was invaluable. – Acquisitions Initiative, Family Owned Fortune 500 Company

Thank you for your insight provided during the recent training on effective meetings. I applied many concepts and am now holding more productive shorter meetings that are scheduled less often.  Just with my one regular staff meeting, I been reduced the meeting times by 1½ hours every two weeks. This is now an 1½ hours I am able to use more productively. These changes were also appreciated by my staff, gave them a little moral boost as well an extra 1½ available time. – Making Meetings Work Training, Global Computer Technology Company

Thanks, Candice…you have been so instrumental in this project and I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your valuable time and efforts! – Compliance Department Development, Investment Trust Organization

Can I take this opportunity to applaud you and express the pleasure it has been to work along side you. Your dedication, enthusiasm and all round determination to ensure attendance and delivery from all parties involved has been key in bringing this vast project to the point in which we find ourselves today. I’m sure all will miss the ‘dynamic duo’ as you have become as much as I and wish you all the very best for the future. – Client Onboarding Project, Global Fortune 50 Company


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